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About AFS...

Just celebrating its 60th birthday, AFS, or American Field Service, is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.  Visit  to learn more about our history.

Families in the California Central Coast currently host 27 students from around the world, in several different communities.  Our students attend local high schools, participate with community based organizations as volunteers, and share their cultures as they learn about ours.

AFS also sends students to 50 different partner countries.  There is a wide range of programs from which to choose.

About California Central Coast...

The California Central Coast Area Team is made up of three counties: San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.  Situated in southern California just to the north of Los Angeles, it is nestled between world-class beaches and breathtaking coastline to the west and coastal mountains to the east.  Cities in this area are mostly small-to-medium sized, by California standards. 

The climate is temperate--some say “Mediterranean”-- with an average temperature in the mid-70’s (degrees Fahrenheit) in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. 

Between the climate and the geography, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities year-round, including biking, surfing, hiking, rock-climbing, and so on.  There are dozens of state and national parks and beaches to explore.

Agriculture is an important part of the culture and economy of all three counties.  The climate is perfect for citrus and other food crops. Vineyards dot the full length of the state, many adjacent to wineries.    

There are several university campuses in this area, including University of California, Santa Barbara, California State University Channel Islands and private universities as well as many community colleges.



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